The Babe Collective is not a secret governing body of babes.

The Babe Collective is you, if you are here, nodding your head at the mention of magic, freedom, and power.

The Babe Collective is both a cauldron and a vortex for the amplification of the confidence, entrepreneurial visions, and sexual liberation of women all over the globe.

If you’re here, you’re a babe.

If you are hungry for life, you’re a babe.

If you think for yourself, you’re a babe.

If you laugh loudly, live wildly, and dream openly, you’re a babe.

If you desire to bring more of these things into your life, you’re a babe.

BABES is an acronym. Bad Ass Beauties Elevating Society.

It was born because the tired tale of female power being based upon aesthetic influence is old and dead.

A new reign is (re)born where women all over the world have become muses unto themselves, as they reclaim their voices and their bodies.

They are the woken ones, with wide eyes and big hearts and stacks of journals.

They are the ones with ten thousand books by their beds, a collection of crystals, and a perpetual state of wanderlust.

They are the ones who ask questions, of themselves, of the world around them.

The are the ones who bow to their imaginations, knowing that if they desire something, it’s true, they can create it.

They are the ones who equally champion masturbation and meditation, even if proclaiming that makes them a little uncomfortable, because they know the power in using pleasure and ascension as a compass.

This is equal parts a movement and a sisterhood. If you feel aligned, dive into the waters and join the collective. We are many countries and many women strong - Bali, France, Australia, all over the US. All with the same intentions - to expand, to laugh, to create. If this resonates with you, welcome home.

We don’t play small.

We don’t stay quiet.

We are here to rise.



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The Babe Collective is founded and mothered by Robin Lee. A writer, healer, and modern medicine woman, Robin is an alchemist and empoweress of humans and ideas. She is a seasoned Women’s Sexuality and Confidence Coach as well as a Registered Yoga Teacher, Breathwork facilitator, and Reiki practitioner. She has devoted her life to the studies of ancient mysteries, transforming trauma, and the wisdom of the Divine Feminine. A perpetual student of Tantra, alchemy, and magick; she seamlessly weaves together these bodies of inquiry with healing practices - delivering them through a modern lens of accessibility, pleasure, and laughter. She is equal parts dark and light, Kali and Shakti, and lives to encourage the wholeness and wildness of others. She teaches and mentors through The Babe Collective, but also works privately with both men and women. She lives in Brooklyn, travels often, creates constantly, and eats a lot of avocado. Contact her here.

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