The Babe Collective is a space for gathering, for community, for ascension, for collaboration, for healing, and most importantly -- for coming into being.

It is a container for the journey of every woman out of smallness into full expansion.

It does not matter where you are. We are global. It does not matter who you are. We are ages 20-60. It doesn’t matter what your life looks like. We are all supporting each other.

It is a safe place to explore what it means to be alive, the joys and challenges of growing into your most authentic self, creating a meaningful offering in the world, and further -- to feel deeply what it means to be truly seen, heard, and witnessed.

It is a space in which to be held.

It is not just a “virtual offering”.

It is a living, breathing, cauldron of high alchemy.

It is a perpetual, ongoing ceremony.

It is a sacred space.

It is a place where women move out of their wounds, and into their glory.

We do it together.

We lift and elevate each other, share with each other, and learn from each other.

It is a temple of next-level goddesses that is presided over by yours truly.

Equal parts Wild Woman Spiritualist, Transcendent Entrepreneur [who breaks every single “rule” imaginable], Mentor to Modern Priestesses + Authentic Leaders, and Wisdom Keeper of the Rites of Queens and Witches of High Wisdom.

My name is Robin and I have years and years of experience holding space for people to journey through their rebirth.

This looks different for everyone. We tend to have many throughout our lives. Sometimes they are small [we are born each morning], sometimes they are HUGE [many of us experience something called a “Dark Night of the Soul”], sometimes they are mystical [Saturn Return, Healing from Trauma], sometimes they are grounded in concrete choices [leaving that job, partner, house, country, situation] -- but one thing is always true, this cycle is what we are here for.

To stay hungry, to always be growing, that is the goal.

I am a trained master healer, transformation artist, and perpetual lover of life.
I have a background in academia, art, fashion, and most importantly, female entrepreneurship and rewilding.
I’ve got the business brain and the healer heart and the free soul.
And I’ve got the relentless desire to build community for women to feel safe in.

The Babe Collective is a place to receive downloads [teachings] on everything from Confidence to Entrepreneurship to Sacred Sexuality to Ancient Wisdom to Soul-Deep Transformation to Self-Nourishment to Holistic Healing.

As a conduit between worlds, my job is to take information that is sometimes lofty and translate it into accessible, fun, easy to understand info that you can ACTUALLY APPLY TO YOUR LIFE!

That’s a huge joy for me!

But TBC is about even more than this.

First and foremost -- it is a community. It is a tribe. It is a sisterhood. It is a mystical gathering that amplifies everything we manifest together.

It’s also a lifestyle that you adapt, change, edit, and make your own.

BABE is an archetype I created. BABES is an acronym for BAD ASS BEAUTIES ELEVATING SOCIETY.

Being a f*cking BABE has nothing to do with what you look like [although, you are next level beautiful because you radiate from the inside] and everything to do with your ENERGY, and the IMPACT you create and have in the world just by being completely TRUE to your soul desires and expressions.

This is revolutionary.

Many people are afraid to be fully themselves.

To be honest, about 95% of the population won’t commit fully to the journey of becoming who they really are.


Because it stretches us outside of our comfort zone, and, well, that means getting uncomfortable sometimes!

But the payoff is huge.

It looks like: more purpose, more joy, more gratitude, more love, more connection, more impact, more money, more meaning, more unbelievable opportunities.

By virtue of being in TBC, people frequently manifest everything from money to love to opportunity.

This is something that happens when women gather together.

We create a VORTEX.

This is one of those.

“Being here is like being surrounded by all the wisest mothers, sisters, friends, partners, grandmothers and priestesses you can imagine - but all at the same time. There is always a place to turn to; to ask questions, share knowledge with and to continually give and receive support. It is a radically accepting space for our wild growth. Robin’s knowledge and insight are unparalleled and delivered to you in the most badass and empowering way ever. So much gratitude!!!”

Tara, NYC

“First of all I want to say I think you’re so wonderfully fantastic at being a model priestess and holding space for all of us! I cherish your writings and workshops soo much. I live in Israel and I often listen to your videos as I'm going to bed / falling asleep and have found some major support / comfort / connection in both your wisdom and the community that you've built around it. Thank you so much for your bravery and spirit. You're my inspiration. :)

Rachel, Tel Aviv [Israel]

I could easily write three pages on why someone should join. I'm going to tell you the story of what's been happening with me for the last few months so you can know/feel the impact you've made on me.

My identity growing up with wrapped up in being 'the academic one' out of three daughters. Usually, I can be described as a manic pool of mess during exams but this year has been different. How?

- I am emailing my tutors and I’m asking questions. I've never done this before and I have several qualifications including a law degree.

- I'm taking up space. In the library I needed my stuff spread out so that I could see it all so I did it! But usually, I would be more worried about “what if someone needs to sit next to me” than giving myself what I need.

- My favourite was on Saturday when I politely told a lady in the group study room that I was about to speak my notes out loud. And spoke out loud I did for a good few hours. I thought that I should warn her beforehand just in case she wanted to leave but I've never spoken out loud like that in a public space for fear of disturbing other people.

I've also learnt a new way of dealing with stress. At times I caught myself almost about to panic then deciding not to. You've helped me to understand that you can create a new way of being and it doesn't have to take 10 years. Although it can if that's what needs to happen.

I've also had mini crystal grids on my desk which is unlike me as I tend to hide my spirituality. And ALCHEMY/BREATHWORK... Please tell me you're going to teach a training class...I really want to learn how to teach this from you. It's absolutely incredible. Completely life-changing.

The Babe Collective is teaching me how to stop playing small. That playing small affects every single thing in your life. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. From your health to your relationships to your work. A slow death really isn't worth it. I want to show up for myself every single damn day because I deserve it.

Every newsletter that you send out lights me up. I savour each one and I go back to them when I need a little pep talk. Sometimes I feel like you're in my head because the things that you post are always right on time. I would not have picked this time of my life to have a spiritual awakening but your support has helped me know that I have the strength and power to experience it all.

Sadia, London, UK

“The Babe Collective has literally been life-changing for me. I was already on a path of self-realization and mastery, which must be how I found this community. However, joining the Babe Collective has propelled my intuitive development to levels that I didn't even realize were possible & and enriched my life in ways that I have only dreamed of. I have manifested profound experiences of healing, money, and love since joining, and I have connected with women who have inspired & empowered me on my path. This community is one where I feel safe to pursue my deep and magical path. Thank you for providing a space where I can seek guidance and simultaneously bring my own special skills to co-create a beautiful life with other profound women. I am grateful for Robin and this community beyond what words can describe. <3

Myriah, NYC

What's Included:

- TWO MONTHLY LIVE WORKSHOPS 75 Minutes each: these are recorded in case you have to miss them [$2000 value]

- LIVE GROUP COACHING AND Q+A after each workshop, and frequently in the group [$1000 value]

- Bi-monthly ALCHEMY BREATHWORK GROUP HEALING [a deep, cellular transformation through a psychedelic breath meditation! Emotional release. A means to transform old energies of fear, anxiety, stress, and sadness into GOLD. Truly life-changing.] [$800 value]

- MONTHLY BABE PLAYLIST epic curated tunes to accompany your next-level vibration! So. Good. [$100 value]

- FULL 24/7 ACCESS TO THE BABE LIBRARY: hours and hours and hours and hours of content. Workshops, meditations, healings. So much stuff!!! [$2000 value]

- BABE MEMBER PRICING: frequently I will offer serious reductions on courses/offerings and sometimes private mentorship for those in the group!

- QUARTERLY MANIFESTATION CEREMONIES: 4x a year around Solstice and Equinox I offer powerful intention setting ceremonies. The things that women intend during these meetings come to fruition...and blow their minds [$4000 value]

- RIDICULOUS BONUSES: I regularly do more than two workshops because I feel like it! I do tons of extra livestreams on the regular. To be honest I do everything intuitively so I tend to offer way more than what is listed here based on what the needs of the group are. There will also be giveaways and guest speakers in the future. [$1000 value]

- MEMBER SHOUTOUTS: I really, really, really want to promote your work and spirit in the world! We will highlight you within the group and give you the opportunity to share your Priestess skills and also shout you out with a profile on Instagram. Yay!

- 24/7 365 access to a LIFE-CHANGING, GOT-YOUR-BACK-FOREVER TRIBE OF THE BADDEST WITCHES AROUND! Seriously if you are toying with the overused phrase of “STEPPING INTO YOUR POWER!!!” … this is the place. The authentic place.

You get all of this plus first access to everything BABE -- which is always, always devoted to you and your next-level rising into the Universe.

You want a big life?

It’s here.



Feel into it. Does your body say yes? Does your heart say yes?
That’s your compass, babe.

Choose yourself, and all is coming.



Got questions? Email

See you soon!

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